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CBF and hemodynamics were recorded for 1 h after injury + stenosis. Dogs were then randomized to receive sildenafil (n = 7) or saline (n = 7) as described for Protocol 1 and were monitored for 2 h following treatment. Additional blood samples were drawn for measurement of in vitro platelet aggregation at 30 min after each dose. At 3 h post-stenosis, the animals were euthanized under deep anesthesia as detailed in Protocol 1.

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Data were expressed as mean±SD. Serial hemodynamic changes during sildenafil citrate administration were analyzed by repeated-measures ANOVA. Comparisons of cardiac output and stroke volume and changes in mean systolic pressure, LAD arterial flow, buying levitra online and bypass flow from the bolus injection of isosorbide dinitrate before and after sildenafil citrate administration were made by paired t test. A value of P

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